Craft CMS

Craft CMS is our choice of content management system (CMS), that allows us to tailor the CMS around your project, not the other way around.

We want to give you full control over the content on your website, which is why we chose Craft CMS. From it's backend usability to it's robust security, Craft CMS is, in our opinion, the best CMS on the market.

Not only do we love it, our clients do too.

Simple Interface

One of the biggest reasons our clients love Craft is it's clean interface. Because we tailor the dashboard around the project, it only contains what is necessary. No more having to navigate through countless unnecessary menus just to find what you're looking for.

The control panel is non-technical and is extremely user-friendly, making managing content a breeze. The control panel is fully responsive, which means users can manage content on the go, just sign in on any device and you're good to go.

Craft CMS Entries

Live Preview

Craft's live preview provides the content manager with the ability to view content changes in real time, without having to publish them first. In addition, Craft allows you to save these changes as drafts and share them with others for feedback and approval before they're published. Previous versions are stored as revisions, which act as a fallback if mistakes are made, allowing the content manager to roll back to a previous version.

Craft CMS Live Preview

Multiple Languages

Being able to serve translated content can be crucial to businesses that operate in multiple countries. This functionality is baked into Craft's core, so there's no need to limit your content to English speaking visitors. Das ist gut, ja?

Craft CMS Multiple Languages

User Management

Craft's user management system allows for the creation of an unlimited number of users. As user management is a key factor with most projects, Craft offers a robust user permission system. Craft's user permission system can be tailored to fit all user roles, from administrators to editors & authors, Craft allows you to give each role granular permissions.

Craft CMS Users

User Groups

User Groups assist in the standardisation of user permissions based on their roles, as well as simplifying the task of applying permission changes to groups of users. User groups can be created, modified and deleted at any time by an administrator.

Craft CMS User Groups

Public User Registrations

Public Registration allows for outside users to create their own profile, this allows for the creation of a frontend user system. Common uses for public registrations is to allow visitors to create a profile so that content can be served that isn't publicly available. These publicly registered users can also be managed with the previously mentioned user groups, which are maintained by the site's administrators from the Craft CMS control panel.

Craft Commerce

Craft CMS isn't just a CMS, it can also become an impressive eCommerce platform. Allowing you to sell your products, handle orders and manage customers, all of which can be performed seamlessly from the same Craft CMS platform.

Custom Configuration

Craft was created to give developers the freedom to customise it's architecture to fit the project it's being used for. As Craft makes no assumptions about what it is being used for, it allows us to tailor the interface and functionality as required. This is what makes Craft the perfect solution for websites of all sizes and purposes.

Extendable Functionality

Craft, as mentioned previously, makes no assumptions about what it is being used for. This is proven by the fact that it's core functionality is available to plugins. There's a community of hugely talented developers contributing to the development of Craft CMS, which includes the creation of plugins and 3rd party integrations. So without sounding too much like an Apple advert, if Craft doesn't provide the functionality you're looking for, there's probably a plugin for that.